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Are you compatible with your sweetie?

Let's look at your first names.

A couples names can reveal a lot about the success of their relationship.

The theory: Remove the same letters, this is your common interest, shared hobbies. The letters that remain are your differences. If the letters that remain somehow make sense to you, then you were meant to be.

For example, let's say I am dating Raquel Welch, and we are doing pretty well, but we are not sure about our future as a couple. To find out, we would use this name test to find out if we were meant to be.

With us (sigh), the program below will remove the same letters, and what is left is her "que" which forms the letter "q", and my "ph" which forms the letter "f", all this makes: f q ! Well, that makes no sense, which means we were not meant to be (sigh). Loves moves on.

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Sweetheart's first name

0 / 15 Letters only


Sweetheart's first name

0 / 15 Letters only


Too many letters?

This option will remove letters in sequence - ab, bc, cd... .
These letter pairings represent your almost shared hobbies.
Lust Love must conquer all. Good luck.


Raquel + Ralph's
"ph que" becomes:
"u, he"
from movie - 1M BC.

I was going to create a database for others to enter their results, but then it occurred to me they might either break up, or the other half didn't want their "pet name" be revealed to the public
and then I would be caught in the middle of their squabble. If this happens, then


and I really don't need the headache.