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All of my Shadow Worms are here.
WTF is a Shadow Worm?
They are my own little coding creation.
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Pictures layered on top of other pictures
A Shadow Worm to describe the Rainbow Assortment Collection,
a 15-box chocolate assortment from
zChocolat.com, luxury French chocolate.

Argg!! This Shadow Worm has eaten the entire Rainbow Assortment Collection!
All 15 of the assortments in one gift box.
zChocolat can put this shadow worm in one box, and ship it off to a loved one.
Or, if that is not to your liking, by default the Rainbow Collection will arive in a nice gift box.
There will be less screaming from the mailman.

Mouse over to make this Shadow Worm dance.

A Shadow Worm explaining how to make extra money at a store.
Start at $15 hour.
Work quickly and earn $2 more an hour to equal $17 hour.
Explains the shoes.

Supporting the police that #BlackLivesMatter calls on for protection!

These Shadow Worms have entered
law enforcement
politics and

Not a Shadow Worm, just entertaining my sense of humor.

In addition to police shooting people who break the law,
Black Lives Matter will soon bring attention to:
Mouseover to speed up and play with
Requires Flash

  • Protecting the Great Barrier Reef
  • Supporting renewable energy
  • Tackling climate change
  • Supporting on-ground environmental projects
  • Protecting our threatened species
  • Protecting Australia‚Äôs heritage
  • Making sense of transgenderism
  • Porta Potties for LBGT
  • Recycling spent plutonium
  • Recycling spent anti-freeze
  • Recycling spent tires
  • Tree hugging
  • Christianity
  • Jewish Pride
  • Canada Pride
  • Gay Pride
  • Height Pride
  • Diabetic Pride
  • #Canada51
  • Destruction of ISIS
  • Destruction of Justin Bieber
  • Light beer is water
  • Free belts for all pants!
  • Prevent Desertification
  • The slaughter of elephants for ivory
  • The killing of rhinos for their horns
  • The culling of tigers for their bones
  • The culling of tigers for their penises
  • China's 'one-child' policy
  • Pointing out that Communism is from a German philosopher!!
  • Theft of the Filipino tribal butt tattoo
  • Transboundary Contamination
  • Inuit and Animal Rights
  • Forced relocation of the Arctic dwellers
  • Landfills
  • Porta Potties for Transgender
  • Bathroom-bill started by child molesters
  • Global warming is caused by Solar Panels re-heading the air
  • Global warming is caused by Windmills slowing down the naturally cooling air
  • Diabetics not being able to use the handicap parking spot
  • Diabetics not classified as a handicap
  • Obesity
  • Feline AIDS
  • Secondhand smoke affecting pets
  • Cigarettes are calorie and fat free
  • MC Hammer will join Queen as lead singer to bring life into these two defunct bands. Re-doing "U Can't Touch This"" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."