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Helps other countries learn the
    QWERTY Keyboard
Comes with 20 installed keyboards
Create your own keyboard,
    and save it for next usage
Default setting so a person doesn’t
    have to constantly re-select their
    countries keyboard
94 characters to learn
Broken down into 4 categories:

  1. Uppercase 26
  2. Lowercase 26
  3. Numbeline+ 42
  4. Everything!! 94

Has Advanced Options to customize
    on-screen keyboard

The language the user is accustomed to is displayed in the uppercase position, or what is normally present in that location. The English letters are to the right and below; the uppercase and lowercase.
This is showing the Chinese Dayi method.

Select a keyboard. Default can be changed.

Use an installed keyboard, or create your own.

Custom keyboard can be saved for next time, or shared with friends.
Drag and drop letters from another source, ie Browser, word processor,
or type them in from your computer, after changing the regional settings to that language.

How to "...changing the regional settings to that language."

Windows 7:
Control panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboard and Languages -> Change keyboards… -> Add… .
Make selection -> OK -> OK.


Next to system clock is a little icon labeled "EN."

Click that and a menu appears with language choices. Click that choice, and then click the Select Keyboard window. The new language follows.

Click "EN"

Main screen with Chinese Dayi loaded.  Click for full screen of 1211px by 695px

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