Support for this has been discontinued.
The CSS - borders, fonts, spacing... - tends to fall appart with Windows 10 (← boo)
The products can still be downloaded.

    Free Download!! Learn to type English, Russian, or Devanagari or the new To English,

with this easy tutorial and fully customizable on-screen keyboard !

Learn to type by the ABC's
The game will display a letter, and the player finds it on their computer.
Highlight and Lines will aid new learners in finding the keys.
Devanagari options are different.
Read our Blog for topics, updates, related information.
Gallery of keyboard designes at Pinterest.
Below is a description of the Advanced Options,
and ways to find the key.
The entire keyboard can be colored to the users delight...

Windows operating system
Desktop program, no installation
Both rar and zipx formats
WinRAR free trial
WinZip free trial
click the .EXE and start typing

Apple version comming soon!!

Learn to type

These will guide the user in learning the keyboard by playing the game of Match Game. The computer will display a letter or special character, and the user will
find that on their own keyboard. The program will display these in a Forward, Reverse or for more experienced users, a Random direction.
Random simulates real world typing.
Highlight will make the key to be found stand out.

Highlight activated on To English: Korean Keyboard loaded


Games are found With Extreme Keyboard, and combined with Sound Effects.
The goal is to find the correct key.
When the correct key is found, that key will disappear.
Those keys needing the Shift key (Number line+, Everything!!) will return with animation.

1. A larger picture will take its place, sometimes with sound effects.
Use supplied pictures and audio, or upload your own.

2. Fade out
Correct key will fade out, leaving the remaining keys to be found.

3. Fade out & in
Found key will fade out and back in.

These can be combined with everything! Add color, shadows, sounds, fonts.

Can't Find It?     Tools to find the letter.

Finding the key can be difficult. There are two ways to have the program continuously help you to find the key while the game / tutorial is in play: Highlight and Lines. Another way is to mouse over the letter on the ABC
bar, or keyboard at any time.


Highlights the letter to be found, both on the keyboard and the ABC bar. Background and letter's color can be changed under Color Madness.


Displays a horizontal and a vertical line intersecting at the letter to be found. Lines can be positioned above
the key or below it.
Colors of the lines can be changed under its own options button.


Advanced options has massive CSS options!

Click the button Show Advanced Options

Main Screen

Click for full screen of 1211px by 695px

   ...and Advanced Options menu will open.

  Click a button below to go to that section

Change the colors of the keys, keypress, highlight, mouseover, wallpaper, found keys,
and the Game Play box.
Change the colors of the letters, characters, background and border. Add gradients!
Paint allows a person to color every key a different color.
Paint and the keyboard colors can be saved for next time.
There re three installed themes.
Color Picker box will open giving a person unlimited colors to choose from.

The Alpha Channel gives levels of transparency, sometimes called opacity.

Alpha Channel of 0 is totally invisible, while 255 is fully visible.
Picture made with Color Madness Paint

Pick Screen Color will function even off this application.
Have a web page operating behind this application, and the Pick Screen Color will pick it.

Color Madness menu

Same for keypress, mouseover, and highlight

To Options Menu

After finding the right key, effects will take over - larger picture appears or key fades out/in.

To Options Menu

Change the font families of the lowercase & uppercase / English & International letters of the
Keyboard and ABC bar.
Over 350 fonts to choose from.

To Options Menu

Add pictures to the keyboard and wallpaper. Add to the the keys, keypress, highlight, and mouseover.
Use installed or upload your own.

To Options Menu

Add box and text shadows to the keyboard and ABC bar.

To Options Menu

Add sound effects to any keystrike.
Use installed or upload your own sounds.

To Options Menu

Apply Color Madness and Shadows to the Game Play box.
Change one section or both.

To Options Menu