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Drag and Drop Game


Click the button to find your location, then click the Share Location/OK button

Note: this only works if you are on planet Earth. Does not work for off-world.

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New to Prezi? Think of it as a zooming PowerPoint. Click the arrow pointing right to advance to the next frame.
Click the link under each Prezi to go to the main Prezi page and see the presentation on the big screen.
These are a few Prezis I had fun with

History of Computers - Fairy Tail Themed

I took a very dry assignment, the history of computers, and give it some life by turning it into a fairy tail story book using everyone's favoriate drawings, Stick Figure Theater. This is from the mid 40's to the early 70's. Basic stuff.

A Story about the Computer's Creation, and how it got its Software on Prezi

Dungeons and Dragons. Childhood game went away only to return - with friends

My first Prezi and my first assignment for grad school, SUNYIT. Make a simple presentation on anything. So I, not knowing any better, and my stooopid need for excellence went overboard on my history of this game.

Childhood game went away only to return - with friends. on Prezi

Web 2.0, AJAX, JavaScript and you

Like Magnet Potery? Tags? Fan of New York School and Modernist Typography? Then you'll love this little presentation
on how Web 2.0 works, as of 2012. Oh Yea, Sho Kosugi is in here somewhere.
Click the link for Frisky Radio to hear some cool Ecectronic Jazz Dance beats.

Web 2.0, AJAX, JavaScript and you on Prezi

Chapter 10 of Marketing Concepts

A presentation on what these are.

Product Concepts on Prezi

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My final project for grad school HTML / CSS class. Everything is simulated. The pictures with a blue border are simulated-links, as are the Steam-Twitter and Steam-Facebook at the bottom in the footer.
The Community page is all-too real < girl screams in the distance >.
I am very proud of mousing over the menu bar and have the little screws in the corner. Not bad for never having done web pages before.
This is located at: Steampunk

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  Sliding Doors

Here is code to make sliding doors. Doors like elevators, subway cars or like the ones on the TV show Star Trek.
This is using CSS to create to doors, and jQuery to make it happen.

The sliding doors part is separate from the content below it. That is using other CSS to make it behind the doors.

Clicking the button will open the doors.

The code is at my WordPress blog entry

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Graphic - My first and only

This is a breakdown the statictis of 2009 to 2010 for the type of broadband devices used inside a household. I created this for a 2013 class.
My humor is at the bottom, along with dial-up.

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