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Animated Instructions
Instruction manuals are no longer stuck in the 1970s.

Standard training methods:
Video PowerPoint
This is soooo 1970.

Now with the code features like Parallax, Shadow Worms, and Animation, training is much more interesting. More interesting means they play with it longer, learn both better and faster.

Standard job description:
"Must be able to lift 50lbs"
"Load and unload cartons"

That’s really not saying very much.

Here are much better descriptions.

Parallax fun.
Mouse over shirt

Move merchandise from box onto cart.

Might have to wear a product scanner on arm.
Could be something like this one

This is the job of
Merchandise Handler
Online Order Fulfillment Department

There are other jobs at Widgets Inc

Parallax fun. Mouse over shirt

"Packing Merchandise"

Move merchandise from shelf into shipping bag.

"Placing Merchandise"

Place merchandise from tote onto shelf

This is the job of
Box Stacker
Receiving Department

There are other jobs at Widgets Inc

Animation fun. Play with the buttons.

Stack boxes on top of each other

The Hourly Shadow Worm

This shows how an employee can earn an extra $2 per hour for the

companies incentive program by working faster.

Mouse over to activate

Put it all together in the form of an advertisement for jobs at Widgets Inc

Widgets Inc