Ralph Corbett, M.S.

Web DesignerSoftware Engineer


elcome! I am Ralph Corbett, located in Poughkeepsie, NY.
I create web pages at $35.00 per hour.
Background code is my specialty.
This site is best seen on a desktop.

I am becoming skilled at beating the "Ad Blockers."
If you see ads for French chocolate, your ad blocker is working perfectly.

Rainbow keyboard and dark moody headphones. Perfect.
( If rainbows are so happy, why do they always frown? )

I write my code, cruising at 3.5 GHz, with my
MSI Apache computer, and some killer
Skullcandy Aviators. Sadly, Skullcandy made a horrible decision to discontinue them.

There is nobody on the web writing software like
I do. I check hourly.

Start with the menu. Parallax not your thing? Change the menu’s shape and color on the right

Learn Accounting financial statements and ratios at Live Accounting Financial Statements (L.A.F.S) for the ACME Rat Chow Company.

On change will update everything.

There are "customers" in the income statement.

Find hidden messages and create CSS3 box-shadow art with Box-Shadow Art and Text Highlighting. Twitter is very good source material for this.

Make art from an on-screen keyboard at Color-A-Keyboard.

Discover a hidden word or words from you and your sweethearts name at Sweetheart Name Tester.

Play with parallax + nested box-shadows at Shadow Worms.
Visit my software portfolio and Look over pages of my past work.

Box Shadow Art and Text Highlighting Gallery Samples

Twitter Headlines Box Shadow Factorial Art

Twitter Headlines

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Box Shadow Factorial Art

Back up